Add a cancellation survey

Best practice:

If a user cancels a subscription in your app, give them a cancellation survey. does this in a very good way.

If a plan is cancelled, they will ask you about the reason for the cancellation:

  • Bad experience
  • Could not get the team to use it
  • Found the feature set was not working for us
  • Changed requirements
  • Customer environment changed
  • Other reasons

They will also ask you for details on each selected reason.

Subsequently, you will be asked, if you are moving on to a competitor.

In their case, the list looks like this:

  • (a Salesforce company)
  • Drift
  • Freshdesk/Freshworks/Freshchat
  • Hubspot
  • Live Chat Inc
  • MailChimp
  • Olark
  • Zendesk/Zopim
  • Other


This is also interesting for you as a potential buyer to enhance your market research when you consider using a specific SaaS app. More on this in a separate post.


Is your organisation Agile? Assess yourselves.

One of the waves that shook the software world in the last 20 years was the Agile Manifesto.

I know, it is a debatable thing. And I will debate it in a separate post.

If you want to assess your organisation about how agile it may be, I made this little self-assessment form based on the 12 principles of the original Manifesto.

Have fun.